Our 9th annual inshore invitational fishing tournament was held on May 7th, 2011.


M-1M-2M-3M-4 Community Hospice’s pediatric program,
Community PedsCare, has chosen Morganne as our dream child for the 9th Annual Fishing for Dreams tournament.Hi. My name is Morganne and I am 16 years old. I am a junior at Creekside High School in St Johns County. After a couple years of being home schooled, I love being back in a regular school! My favorite subject is American Sign Language because my classmates are awesome to work with and they make everyday fun and exciting. I also have a great teacher! I also love video games, TV shows NCIS, Survivor, and the Ellen Show, movies (especially Disney and animated ones), music, and, last but not least, I LOVE the Florida Gators! I love sports, especially football; I watch Sportscenter every morning to catch up on the latest games and news. I am a sports geek! I also would like to believe that I have a good sense of humor. I love making someone else smile.I have two brothers; Ryan is 13 and Ethan is10. They are great younger brothers. Ryan likes games too, and Ethan plays baseball. They are a little crazy sometimes, but I love them! (I’m sure they think I’m crazy at times too!) We also have two dogs Taz and Kally that make me happy.I was born in Denver and have had a number of medical issues through my life. I have scoliosis, and had to have surgery several years ago to fuse my spine. I also have reflux that has required a couple surgeries. And lastly, I have severe respiratory disease. I have a trach to make it easier for me to breathe, and I use a ventilator at night-time.Despite these medical issues, I try to live life to the fullest and I am grateful for everyday I get to wake up and do the things I love!


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Fishing for Dreams Tournament 2011 Winners

Red Bass

Spotted Seatrout


1st Terry Durden 7.15 lbs. Wil Smith 2.75 lbs. Brittany Vogel 3.11 lbs.
2nd Brian Beach 7.00 lbs. Robert Mathis 2.56 lbs. Danny Perkins 1.91 lbs.
3rd Brianne Strange 6.46 lbs. Stuart George 2.06 lbs. Ben Bolton 1.88 lbs.
4th Bert Tavery 6.34 lbs. Roger Klipstine 2.05 lbs. Drew Hernandez 1.86 lbs.

Brian Sousa, Jr.

6.23 lbs. Luke Taylor 1.90 lbs. David Taylor 1.46 lbs.
Bass with Most Spots – Brian Beach- 12 spots


Fishing for Dreams Tournament Record Holders (as of 2011)

Red Bass David Edwards 8.69 LBS. 2008
Spotted Seatrout Michael McQuaig 7.39 LBS. 2009
Flounder Scott Shank 6.46 LBS. 2008