Sean is a 9 year old boy born with a rare metabolic disease called L-CHAD with tri-functional protein deficiency.  Sean is such a happy, loving kid who would bring home every dog he sees and he loves to go on walks with his 3 dogs.  He also loves swimming and playing with toy NASCAR racecars.  Playing with video games would occupy most of his day if Mom and Dad didn’t make him go to school and do his homework.  Sean can’t wait for summer vacation!

Tourney events:  The 6th annual FFD tournament kicked off Friday evening, April 25th, with a pizza social and a raffle.

The highlight of the evening was the introduction of SEAN.  We were very pleased to welcome back 3 of our former dream children:  Amber, our very first dreamer from 2003, Jessica (2004) and Alex from last year.  It was great having the opportunity to visit with them again.

The following morning was beautifully calm and remained so throughout the day.  Lots of fish were caught, including tournament record breakers in the bass and flounder categories.  Volunteers, anglers and guests were treated to complimentary hamburgers served by Outback Steakhouse during the afternoon.  The evening concluded with the awards ceremony.  Trophies were given out by SEAN, ALEX, JESSICA and AMBER.

We extend a very special thank you to our wonderful volunteers and many sponsors who insure the children’s dreams become a reality.  We appreciate all you do!

Fishing for Dreams Tournament 2008 Winners

Red Bass

Spotted Seatrout


1st  David Edwards  8.69. lbs.  Wes Huddelson 5.36 lbs. Scott Shank 6.46 lbs.
2nd  Joe Roberts  7.02 lbs.  Melinda Nelson 3.82 lbs. Mike McQuaig 4.58 lbs.
3rd  Gene Hollender  6.94 lbs.  Amanda Cordes 3.77 lbs. Matt Jenkins 3.32 lbs.
4th  Mike Colee  6.93 lbs.  Dan Conlin 3.32 lbs. Danny Ledford 3.19 lbs.
5th  Mike Reynolds  6.84 lbs.  Drew Castle 2.97 lbs. Mike Ravan 2.16 lbs.

Bass With The Most Spots:  Aaron Sikes, 6 Spots