Tierney’s (2 1/2) dream to see Mickey Mouse was fulfilled when she and her family visited Give Kids The World, a magical village for children with life threatening illnesses, with donated tickets to Disney World and other attractions in the Orlando area. Tierney’s brother, Logan, designed the tournament t-shirts. Tierney helped by drawing the water. (Tierney has optic glicoma, a type of brain cancer.)
Jessica’s (14) dream of a shopping spree included clothes, jewelry and a 50 gallon aquarium. (Jessica¬†sustained severe head trauma as a result of an auto accident.)

Fishing for Dreams Tournament 2004 Winners

Red Bass

Spotted Seatrout


1st Tommy Bennett 8.13 lbs. Rebel Taylor 4.58 lbs. Tracy Johnson 3.52 lbs.
2nd Jeremy Young 7.03 lbs. Rita Nicklo 4.07 lbs. Dustin Taylor 2.79 lbs.
3rd Deedo Nelson 6.85 lbs. Harold Payne 3.10 lbs. Dale Barnes 2.21 lbs.
4th Sandra Carrigg 6.54 lbs. Dennis Harvin 3.07 lbs. Joe Hill 2.12 lbs.
5th Scott Shank 6.49 lbs. Melinda Nelson 2.81 lbs. Gene Riley 2.06 lbs.

Bass With The Most Spots: Jerry Mills, 12 spots